Passion Girl 100% Pure Essential Oil Parfum - No Synthetics!

Earth Lab Cosmetics

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Passion Girl 100% Pure Essential Oil Parfum - No Synthetics!

These pure essential oils have been used for centuries to enhance abundance, finances, love, and wellbeing. Simply breathe them in and focus on your “intent”.

Earth Lab’s unique "Scents with Intent" blends are so concentrated… they last longer than other natural parfum in the marketplace.

This 10ml Roll-on Passion Girl offers century old special oils that have been used to promote passion in all areas - and you'll smell delicious wearing it!

Made in Canada

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Earth Lab Cosmetics produces clean, natural, gluten-free, and vegan makeup. Our primary focus is on what is in a product and not what a product looks like!

We are a family owned company located in beautiful British Columbia. Our products are handcrafted and contain as few ingredients as possible!

Some of the ingredients in our line contain beneficial properties and we have received many customer testimonials indicating our products have helped with skin conditions and even eye lash growth!

In 2012 Earth Lab Cosmetics won a "Consumer's Choice Award" from Alive Magazine, Canada and in 2015 we were nominated for the "Green Choice Award" in the health in beauty category. 

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